A Buying Guide for a Home Drug Test Kit

A Buying Guide for a Home Drug Test Kit

Home drug tests are used by people to test the presence of drugs, such as marijuana and opiates, in their bodies. You can buy one to monitor your progress after taking some detox supplements. These kits are readily available in conventional drug stores and pharmacies. To measure the concentration of drug metabolites, you should collect urine and then perform a biochemical reaction to establish if the concentration of drugs in your body is above the required limit.

Home drug-test kits are well-designed to provide accurate results. The use of a home drug test kit is a cost-efficient, effective way of monitoring the detox process. The current market is flooded with different types and models of drug test kits that buyers can choose from.

Factors to Consider when Purchasing a Drug Test Kit

The following are some of the essential factors that you need to consider when looking for home kits for drug testing;


A good kit should eidrug testing ther give a negative or a positive result. False positives and false negatives are bad because they can lead to additional expenses or unnecessary anxiety or even make one to lose his/her job. It would help if you looked for a kit that guarantees accurate results.

Shelf Life

It is essential to check the shelf life of a testing kit before making your final purchasing decision. Remember that most of these kits are bought online and might take time for the owner to get his/her kit. Therefore, you should look for a drug test kit that can serve you for several months without expiring.

Drug Panel

A drug test kit is designed to test the presence of various substances in your body. Drug panel refers to the number of tests included in the detection ability of a drug test. Some of the common forms of drug test kits that you can find in the market today include 12-panel, 10-panel, 5- panel, and 4-panel. Large and more comprehensive drug panels are known for providing better results. Ideally, people should buy kits that contain what that want to test for.

Best Drug Test Kit In the Current Market

PreScreen Plus Mini

This kit is desitest kitsgned and manufactured by the Drug Test Company. This company is known for making kits that can defeat urinalysis. The PreScreen Plus Mini test kit has been in the market for many years. It has 12-panel coverage and is also easy to use. This product is highly rated by its users because of its accuracy. In addition to this, this kit is affordable and has a long shelf-life.


  • Excellent accuracy
  • Long shelf life
  • Can be used to test different types of drugs