Top Vitamins For Women

Top Vitamins For Women

Today’s women are very conscious of their health. They, therefore, prefer following a healthy dietary plan. Such diet is inclusive of all the required vitamins and in the right proportions. Women of every weight, age, and activity level are needed to consume a variety of vitamins. These vitamins are useful for the optimal health as well as preventing of different types of the health problems or issues.

Vitamins are primarily organic compounds which help the various parts of your body in functioning properly. Different vitamins perform a particular function in the body. A deficiency of the needed vitamins contributes to serious health problems. It is, therefore, imperative to get enough vitamin from the foods eaten. The various vitamins can also be obtained from vitamin supplements.

Here are the major vitamins needed for women.

Vitamin Aogy8oy9cxc99p
This vitamin contains antioxidant properties. Women of all ages need it. It helps in strengthening and building of teeth, bones, mucous membranes and skin. Vitamin A also helps in reducing the risk associated with chronic illness. It also plays a key role inĀ improving vision, slowing down of the ageing process and boosting the immune system.

Foods with high content vitamin A include pumpkin, tomatoes, carrots, cantaloupe, watermelon, broccoli, papaya, spinach, milk, liver, fortified seeds and red peppers.

Vitamin B2
It is also known as riboflavin. It is essential in promoting good health, metabolism, and normal growth. It also helps in boosting energy and strengthening of your immune system. Also, it reduces numbness, tingling, stress, anxiety and fatigue. Deficiency of this vitamin affects the metabolism process and the immune system.

Its deficiency also influences the neural functions which cause pale tongue and eyes, a sore throat, dry hair, itchy skin, wrinkles and mouth ulcers. These are the types of food rich in vitamin B2: cheese, yogurt, yeast, eggs, whole grains, mushrooms, nuts, almonds, milk, and organ meat.

Vitamin B6
It is also referred to as pyridoxine. It is among the essential vitamins required for maintaining your immune system. This vitamin also plays a major role in the body by promoting the production of certain brain chemicals and hormones. The hormones and chemicals produced help in reducing depression, memory loss, and heart diseases.

It also helps in the regulatioioybtiojn of blood sugar level. In pregnant women, this vitamin helps to get rid of the morning sickness. Deficiency of vitamin B6 causes anemia.It can be obtained from the following foods: bananas, meats, avocados, fish, oatmeal, dried fruits, and beans.

Vitamin B7
It is also referred to as biotin. Vitamin B7 is required for the growth of cells and synthesis of various fatty acids. It keeps your sweat glands, skin, and hair healthy. In fact, it has been proven for promoting hair growth and treatment of brittle nails. Besides, vitamin B7 is needed for bone growth as well as the bone marrow. It also plays a significant role in the maintenance of cholesterol levels.