Health Benefits Of Vinegar

Health Benefits Of Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is among the most powerful natural ingredients which offer beauty and health benefits. Though it is unknown to many people, it has been in use since 400 BC. Apple cider vinegar is rich in citric, acetic and malic acids. It is also rich in amino acids, mineral salts, vitamins, and enzymes.

ACV has powerful antiviral, anti-inflammatory, antifungal and antibacterial properties which help in the treatment of muscle pain, diabetes, high cholesterol, common cold, and arthritis pain and weight loss. This all-purpose, all-natural kitchen staple is increasingly being preferred as a beauty ingredient. There are several attributes of ACV which helps it in maintaining a beautiful skin and hair as well as dealing with other beauty issues.

Here are some of the main health benefits of the apple cider vinegar.

Prevents pimples and acne

If you have been struggling with pimples or acnes, make a point of keeping a bottle of this apple cider vinegar. Its antibacterial and antiseptic properties help in preventing pimples and acne. It does this by keeping your skin pores free from oil, bacteria and dust particles. Besides, it helps in restoring and balancing of the skin’s pH which plays a key role in the prevention of skin breakouts.

It is a skin toner

Te apple cider vinegar has powerful astringent properties. It is therefore very helpful to those people having an oily skin. Besides, it is rich in alpha hydroxy acid which plays a crucial role in increasing the flow of blood to your skin thus minimizing pores. ACV also helps in the regulation of the skin’s pH level.

Getting rid off dandruff

Dandruff is not a medical problem but it is very embarrassing. The problem is very persistent during the winter season when the weather is dry. Dandruff causes oily and dead skin flakes on the scalp and hair. This leads to an itchy, white flakes and scaly scalp dropping on the clothing. The natural antifungal properties of the apple cider vinegar help in combating and mitigating dandruff. It also helps in restoring the scalp’s pH balance thus cleaning the hair follicles as well as the clogged pores.

Treatment of a smelly foot

Most people are facedlglhwdoiwqbrfwqo with a smelly foot or a bad foot odor. This problem is unpleasant and very embarrassing for you and the individuals around you. Apple cider has antimicrobial properties which help in the process of disinfecting the feet by eliminating the odor causing bacteria.

Soothing of sunburns

The sun’s heat and rays are very wonderful to the life of human beings. However, too much exposure to the sun can subject you to its harmful ultraviolet rays which cause sunburn. This sunburn causes damage to the skin making it painful and reddish. It might also lead to pus-filled blisters. Acv has a long history in the treatment of sunburn. It is a natural astringent which helps in soothing pain as well as speeding up of the healing process. It is also known for calming itching, inflammation, and irritation of the skin.